Census information

All members of the group have been sent an email requesting information for our annual census. This information is used to get a statistical overview of all 500,000 members across the UK. Please complete the form, it takes 20 seconds!
All information is confidential and cannot be accessed at an identifiable level.
If you enter your information incorrectly or have lost your email, we can resend the invitation. Please contact membership@holmeschapelscoutgroup.co.uk if this is required.

Gift Aid

Our Scout Group heavily relies on the income generated from Gift Aid, the government scheme that gives us 25 pence for every pound donated to us, which includes the membership fees you pay.

Parents will be receiving an email to allow you to make the Gift Aid declaration so that we can claim this income without it costing you a penny. You will get one email per child, please complete the form, it only takes a matter of seconds. If nothing has changed, please just update the data so that it is current.

New Term – Subs are due

With the start of a new term means that our termly subs are now due.
The Subs remain unchanged at £35 per child.
Please bring cheques payable to ‘Holmes Chapel Scout Group’ and hand in to your section leader as soon as possible. Please include your child’s name on the back so that we can make sure we attribute the Subs appropriately. We can accept cash, please ensure the money is in a named envelope.
Direct Debits are being trialled this term with the Scouts section and hopefully will be rolled out to all sections for the Summer term.

Starting the new term

We hope that everyone has had a good Christmas Break and is looking forward to the start of the new Scouting term.
All sections will restart the week commencing 8th January.
Being the start of the new term, we will see some new members come and join us – we hope they will feel welcome. Also, a number of children will be moving on to a new section as they grow and continue their Scouting journey.

Happy New Year

As we move into the New Year, we also move to a new website.
Over the next few days, we will be uploading various pieces of information to help you get to know the Scout Group.

Please bare with us while we provide this update.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us.