Maple Programme


We have put together the following programme for the rest of this term.
This is subject to change

21/01/2019The sky at nightDiscuss what you can see in the night sky. Name 1 constellation. Name 8 planets MVEMJSUN Find out about a current space mission. ISS
28/01/2019Star partyView moon through a telescope. Parent help required.
04/02/2019Chinese new yearLearn greeting in mandarin. How to say happy new year. Try some chinese food e.g. prawn crackers, etc
11/02/2019KnotsLearn to tie shoelaces/ roll necker/ more knots.
18/02/2019Half term - no meeting
25/02/2019Preparation for campLearn what & how to pack. Put up/ down a tent. Learn a reef knot.
04/03/2019Super car - DesignDesign a supercar with gadgets.
11/03/2019Supercar - Make and raceBring junk/ recycling in to make supercars as teams with all the gadgets. Race the cars around the race track.
18/03/2019Good/ Bad foods!How to keep body fit and healthy. Foods good and bad to eat. Make some food? Fruit kebabs, cheese on toast
25/03/2019ExerciseTake part in some exercise.