Cubs Uniform

For those moving up from Beavers, initially Beaver uniform is fine. For those who are new to Scouting when joining Cubs, then ‘play clothes’ is absolutely fine.
Only once they have settled into the group do we ask for them to attend in Cub uniform. A Cub sweatshirt can be purchased directly from the Scout Shop that runs from our building or from Dales in the village.
The Scout Shop does offer some pre-loved uniform as well as new uniform; purchases from here also help towards supporting the Scout Group.

Once “invested”, your child will also be given their first badges. For those moving up from Beavers, they will continue to wear their existing necker, for new members a group necker (yellow with a black edge) will also be presented.

Details of where to place Cub Badges can be found here: Diagram

It is worth noting that only certain badges awarded in Beavers should be moved onto the Cub uniform. Only the Chief Scout Bronze award and the staged activity badges should be moved across (for example nights away). If in doubt, please just ask one of the leaders.