Waterloo 2019 Photos

Many thanks to Peter Deegan for taking and providing the photos in the gallery below.

Any images can be used free of charge within Cheshire Scout County and Shropshire Scout County subject and participants families provided the following disclosure requirements are met:

  • Where Cheshire/Shropshire Scout County wish to use them on their Social media, such as website/Facebook, etc, then I (Peter Deegan) authorise permission to use these images, providing it is prominently disclosed that images are Copyright Peter Deegan of Cheshire Portrait Photography. In addition, images must not be cropped to remove the copyright watermark left corner of each image.
  • Images are authorised for use in local press by Cheshire/Shropshire Scout County with same the same copyright notices above.
  • Where images are requested to be used by The Scout Association or national press, please contact Peter Deegan in advance to discuss terms.

Presentation Photos

Action Photos