Like any organisation, Scouting uses a number of terms that are likely to mean nothing to new members. Here we try to cover some of these terms to help you understand what we are saying.

  • OSM – Online Scout Manager – this is the on-line tool that we use to manage the records (badge and personal) for all our members. We also use Events in OSM to allow us to manage attendance at day events as well as camps. See OSM section for more details of how you can help us.
  • GSL – Group Scout Leader – this is the person who is in overall charge of our group. Typically, they will not be directly involved in any individual section
  • Section Leader – This is the person who is responsible for a section. This does not mean they need to do everything, but they are responsible.
  • Assistant Section Leader – they support Section Leaders in the delivery of the programme for a particular section
  • DC – District Commissioner – this is the person who the GSL reports to. The District Commissioner oversees Scouting within the Alderley District
  • CC – County Commissioner – like the DC, except they oversee Scouting across the whole County
  • POR – Policy Organisation and Rules – this is the Rulebook by which we operate within Scouting in the UK. This can be found on the Scouts website
  • Moving On – this is where a child is old enough to join the next section. During this period, the child will gain knowledge and experience of the next section.