Online Scout Manager

Also known as OSM

This is the on-line tool that we use to help us manage each of the sections within the Scout group. Only those leaders who require access can do so.

We use this to send emails to parent with information as well as invitations to events. Please be careful when responding to these emails to make sure the reply address is correct.

OSM has a parents portal that allows you to view details specific to your child. By registering your email address you are able to view the details we hold for you and your child. You can also view badge progress, events, programme details and emails that have previously been sent (last 6 months). Parents Portal Link

OSM also has a discount voucher available for Go-Outdoors to get and additional 10% off their prices. This can be used on-line or in store.

If you have any questions or concerns about OSM, please speak to one of our leaders or contact Alan Jackson (Scout Leader)